Fullstack Engineer (Atlanta Metro Area - 50% Office, 50% WFH)

As one of the first two full-time engineers, you will work directly with the co-founder/CTO, play a key role in the direction and architecture of our technology, and gain exposure to every functional part of the organization, including all three of our core teams: pharmacy, clinic partnerships, and medicine donors. This will be an intense startup role with no typical day but best of all, you will see a direct and immediate impact of your work on the health and wellbeing of tens of thousands of patients.

Our future teammate will:

  • Take full ownership over one of our three core applications.
  • Create simple yet powerful internal and external interfaces for our users and staff
  • Improve our technology resilience using automated failovers, scaling, & comprehensive testing
  • Help refactor our code into single page applications and microservices as it makes sense
  • Improve our devops to quickly and confidently integrate, test, and deploy our code to AWS

What we are looking for:

  • Mission Driven. Use your development skills to help families get the medicine they need
  • Ownership mentality. 2+ years working on a small team and 5+ years in JS, PHP, and/or SQL
  • Context shifting. Ability to switch between languages, applications, and backend/frontend.
  • Problem solving. You enjoy digging into the complexity and nuance of problems.
  • Project management. Incorporate business strategy into priorities and realistic timelines
  • Self-starter. Set ambitious goals and timelines for yourself and then follow through